What is Adult Coloring and Why Should I Do It?

Adult coloring is the new ‘in’ thing to do to relieve stress.  It is known as a form of meditation that helps to calm the nerves and clear your mind.  I, myself, have been doing adult coloring for a while and I must agree that it does leave you with a feeling of relaxation.  It is a way of letting your mind wander and create. 

Throughout this article are links for sites that contain adult coloring pages that I've found in my travels through the internet and that I have used.  You will find these links underneath each picture of the coloring pages that you see.  

There are some excellent adult coloring packets, and even single page drawings and many of them you can download for FREE and print out! Feel free to browse around and find pictures you would like to color, you will love it!  You can even find one picture to color a few different ways and see how many different combinations you can create, you will see that even the same picture will look like something totally different when you color it with other colors. Have fun and create!  Give your mind a break from the stress of everyday! Enjoy!

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