10 Ways to Acquire A Colorful Dose of Balance In your Life

A well balanced life is a healthy life.  A little bit of everything in your life will make you feel complete and fullfilled in every way.  It’s true that maintaining a healthy life balance is essential for happiness and well-being and is a boost to your productivity. A well-balanced person has a greater ability to focus their attention and energy on attaining their goals.  Balance is not a final goal, but an ongoing process.

So when we say life balance what does that really mean and more importantly, how do we go about achieving it within our crazy schedules and daily happenings?  The key is to not try to change everything at once.  Make small tweaks over time and eventually you will have a lot of positive life habits and be happy of what you have achieved!

How to achieve this!  Try these: 
1. SHUT DOWN – Disconnect from everything, put the phone down and turn off the computer.  With our busy daily schedules it’s probably not possible to do this daily, so do it on the weekend.   Try it, for one day or even a few hours.  Give your brain a rest.  You will feel refreshed and renewed! You will love it so much you will wonder why you haven't been doing this all thing time.

2. STAY HEALTHY – Our health affects the quality of how we live and function in our life. We are far more productive and happier when we get sleep, eat healthy, add superfoods to your diet, and have some activity in our life.  Do not neglect your health or take it for granted.  It’s top priority.

3. FILTER OUT THE NEGATIVE – Minimize the negative influences around you.  Make an effort to avoid complainers, whiners, people with bad attitudes, and people overflowing with negativity.   If you can’t completely avoid them, at least minimize contact and tune them out as much as possible.  For the most part, surround yourself with positive, supportive, happy, good vibe people.

4. CUT DOWN – If your life is overflowing you will not be able to achieve balance. It’s not possible. Say NO to things that are not essential or add something of value to your life.  Focus on what needs to get done and give yourself some time for YOU!

5. QUALITY IS NECESSARY – Spend quality time with family and friends that make you feel good. Instead of sitting in front of the TV, communicate and connect with people who you care about. Go on a date with your significant other, have coffee with a friend, play games with children.  Get to know the people around you.

6.  ALONE TIME – Making time for YOU is probably the hardest thing to do, but it is very important for increasing happiness, relieving stress, thinking more clearly and finding the needed balance. Things that may work are yoga, meditation, reading a book, writing in a journal, coloring, or even sitting quietly for several minutes each day and doing nothing.   Whatever makes you happy and helps you to feel relaxed and ZEN.  Treat yourself to a pedicure, facial even better a massage. Afterwards a glass of wine, or other drink of your choice, feet up on the couch with your favorite music playing and nothing but yourself to think about.

7.  ENRICH YOUR KNOWLEDGE– Try something you haven’t done before that you have wanted to learn.  Take a class, photography, drawing, pottery, start a new book that sparks your interest.   Explore what you yearn.

8.  EXPLORE YOUR SURROUNDINGS – Take a walk and pay attention to what’s going on around you. Visit a park, be aware of what’s around you, the children playing, the birds chirping, the people talking.  Drive a new route, visit an unvisited nearby town or be a tourist in your own town.   There is so much around us that we never even realize is there until we take a minute to look around.

9.  TRAVEL, TRAVEL, AND TRAVEL - Travel is one of the most fulllfilling experiences you can have in life.  See new places, meet new people, new cultures, new ways of living life.  Its amazing to see how other people live their day to day based on where they live.

10.  LAUGH ALOT AND ENJOY! – There is nothing more wonderful than a laugh that hurts your stomach and makes you cry, where you are gasping to breathe but you want more!  Laughing and being happy may actually be the most important of all.  Life is ALWAYS better when you are laughing.  Have people in your life that make you laugh and your life will be so much more beautiful or even if you are the one with the sense of humor – make people laugh,  give them JOY!!

souce:  Life HackPsycology Today



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