Tricks to Parenting That You Need to Know, Because Being a Parent Is Not as Easy as It Looks

Let your kids be kids. Let them explore, have fun, and be curious. I read soemthing the other day that said "The scariest hood you will even cross is PARENTHOOD".  It is the truth.  Being a parent is one of the most difficult tasks that have been put upon us.  You are never sure if you are "doing the right thing" and even when you ask someone who is a parent many times the answers they give you may not agree with how you believe things should be done, even though you yourself are not even sure if you are correct.  You want to protect them from EVERYTHING, even though you know that that is not the correct thing to do either.  You want do things the right way, but not because they learn to on their own, but because you know the right way and force them to do it that way.   

All in all we as parents must learn to let kids be kids.  Let them learn, explore and be as curious as they want to be.  We need to be what I call "the secret eyes", always there but without them really knowing we are there.  

(NOTE:  I'm good at the concept of how things should be, however many times not good at following through with the concept) 



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